Experience is Key... 3ACH50 has over a decade of experience solving infiltration problems in single- and multi-family dwellings.

Strategic custom air-sealing and fire-blocking to minimize cost and maximize builder incentives have become an essential part of building codes to provide increased energy savings, proper moisture management, and occupant comfort associated with healthy indoor air quality. 

We have aided builders in meeting Code Requirements on hundreds of projects, whether they be... 

  • Last minute RUSH jobs to seal-up homes that are late for their Certificate of Occupancy
  • Detailed efforts for MULTI-UNITS to maximize incentives
  • Compartmentalization strategies for HIGH-RISE apartment renovations
3ACH50 is the required "tightness level" for dwellings as mandated by the Building Codes in northern US. It is a calculation of a home's "Air Change per Hour" based on it's interior volume and rate of air leakage. A fan, often referred to as a Blower-door, is used to measure the leak-rate. 
"3ACH" means three volumes of a home's heat (or air-conditioning) is replaced each hour while the home is under pressurization by the fan.  Further calculations are made to then correlate this number to normal climate conditions of day-to-day life.